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Our Services

Michael Robins Limited provides the core compliance activities:

  • Accounts
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax Planning
  • Business support and cashflow planning
  • Payroll and VAT
  • Succession planning


Most of our clients are on fixed fees for the annual function of preparation of accounts and/or tax returns. This provides comfort to you that there will not be any nasty surprises. We work with a mixture of business records from the very well written up, to the not so.

Tax compliance

Every trading company will need to prepare a corporation tax computation and return and file this with HMRC. They are now required to file these on-line using specialist iXBRL software which we use.

An income tax return will be required if you are a director/shareholder of a company, a sole trader or partner. In addition, tax returns will be required if you are an employee paying higher rate tax or have other untaxed income such as rental properties, pensions etc.

We will always look at the tax compliance role as more than form-fillers. We will look to see if all allowances are used up and reliefs claimed.

Tax planning

Let’s be honest, this is what matters and this is primarily what most people want. As a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers, if not the only one in Hungerford, we are excellently placed to advise on ways to save tax.

  • Extraction of money from a company
  • Dividend or salary
  • Whether to charge rent to the company where business premises owned personally
  • Tax on sale of a company
  • How best to pass on or sell the company cash shares, loan notes
  • Capital gains tax on second homes
  • Inheritance tax savings

See more in our Tax Tips.

Business support and cashflow planning

Many clients are looking for short and medium term cash flow forecasts in order to budget for capital expenditure, or investment in staff. By meeting with you and to discuss, prepare the cash flow, and then meet with your bank we can help with obtaining finance.

As clients grow it is important, sometimes vital, to monitor the finances on a regular basis. There is a danger of growing too fast without the cash and/or working capital to support growth. We will review your management accounts, or finish them off, meet on a monthly or quarterly basis to discuss and review cash flow and other matters. It is surprising – to clients and us – how much can be noticed by meeting regularly.

Payroll and VAT

A necessary evil of employing staff is “working for HMRC and being an unpaid collector of taxes”. You provide us with details of the gross pay and we’ll do the rest. We will provide payslips, calculate monthly or quarterly PAYE and tell you how to pay. At the end of the year we will send the Employers Annual Return to you for approval and then file this on-line with HMRC.

It is now compulsory for even the smallest businesses to file their VAT returns on-line too. Even those without a computer. We can offer a filing-only service where you provide the figures, do your VAT return preparation like you always did when it was on paper, and we’ll file with HMRC.

Succession planning

We can assist with this area. From valuing your business, advising on the various options to sell the business, giving due consideration to the tax implications, obtaining any required clearances from HMRC, planning for cashflow, carrying out due diligence and liaising with solicitors.

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Michael Robins Limited
Chartered Certified Accountant & Chartered Tax Adviser
Maple Suite, 10-12 High Street, Hungerford, Berkshire, RG17 0DN
email: mike@mikerobinscta.com | Tel: 01488 686379

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